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Splendid Simchas is a family owned business that understands family needs when it comes to organizing a simcha or a festive occasion. A simcha can be an exciting and busy time as there are a million details to attend to. For this joyous and happy occasion, Splendid Simchas is a one stop internet stop from where customers can purchase all the necessary tableware items to make the simcha absolutely beautiful. There is no need to run from store to store looking for all the various items that customers need for their occasion. The website has been designed using the professional platform for ecommerce ? Yahoo Store. The store has been provided all the bells and whistles that are usually found in an enterprise class ecommerce store to make shopping a pleasure for eager shoppers.


There are not enough words to thank you! We have been able to accomplish some of our most ardent goals with your help. Thanks for solving those issues which looked small but could have become major irritants without your understanding


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