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VISA+ PayPal+The FBI = 3 Great Reasons to Migrate from Magento 1

Magento, an Adobe company will end support for all the versions of Magento 1 after June 2020. End of Support means no bug fixes or security patches available for Magento’s 1.x e-commerce platform. If you still have your online store on Magento 1.x, here are 3 compelling reasons to migrate to Magento 2, BigCommerce, or […]


How To Make Your Online Store Trustworthy

With countless virtual businesses, shoppers now have a global storefront and can shop in the store of their choice at any time. While this definitely is convenient, many shoppers worry about whether they can trust the online store. How does a shopper develop trust with a new store? What can stores do to instill this […]


Why Your Magento Store Needs 24/7 Maintenance

As the Magento e-commerce platform continues to evolve; from Magento 1 to Magento 2, If you want to stay relevant, then you need to update your e-commerce store. The sales of an e-commerce store are directly impacted by how well the site loads and functions, and if your store isn’t generating the desired ROI, you […]


Google Saves The Day For E-tailers With Free Listings In Google Shopping

In light of challenges faced by the retail sector currently, Google is extending a helping hand to online retailers by making it FREE for merchants to sell on Google. With physical stores being shuttered due to the coronavirus pandemic, the threats to the retail sector have become inevitable. Online shopping is a lifeline for both […]


Your Developer Has Informed You | Magento Has Told You | Now Visa Is Telling You…

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late – Magento 1 Unsupported After June 2020 Payments processor Visa recently urged e-commerce merchants running their online stores on Magento 1.x to migrate to Magento 2.x. The e-commerce platform Magento 1.x is rapidly becoming obsolete as it approaches end-of-life (EoL) in June 2020 and will be unsupported by Adobe […]


Make Your E-commerce Store Easter Ready – Easy To Implement Strategies For Boosting Sales

Many consumers eagerly await sales during the Easter weekend their Easter shopping. As a shop owner, Easter sales are a great way to maximize your revenue and gain new clients. As a trend from the last few years, a substantial group of Easter shoppers (over 40%) prefers online shopping to avoid crowds, hunt for bargains […]


This Is The Beginning Of A New Era

Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation.   -Zig Ziglar We are all in this together like no other event in recent history; the current crisis has the attention of the entire world. For those in the business sector, the atmosphere is tense and unsettling. Yet, crisis breeds opportunity for those who are ready to grasp it. […]


Top Three Advertising Channels For E-commerce In Current Retail Environment

The sales of e-commerce companies have plunged sharply after the March first week as the coronavirus outbreak changed consumer spending suddenly and drastically. This has put e-commerce stores are in a state of distress. But don’t stress yourself too much, the Paid Marketing Experts at ioVista has come with a list of solutions that you […]