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Google Saves The Day For E-tailers With Free Listings In Google Shopping

In light of challenges faced by the retail sector currently, Google is extending a helping hand to online retailers by making it FREE for merchants to sell on Google. With physical stores being shuttered due to the coronavirus pandemic, the threats to the retail sector have become inevitable. Online shopping is a lifeline for both […]


Your Developer Has Informed You | Magento Has Told You | Now Visa Is Telling You…

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late – Magento 1 Unsupported After June 2020 Payments processor Visa recently urged e-commerce merchants running their online stores on Magento 1.x to migrate to Magento 2.x. The e-commerce platform Magento 1.x is rapidly becoming obsolete as it approaches end-of-life (EoL) in June 2020 and will be unsupported by Adobe […]


Top Three Advertising Channels For E-commerce In Current Retail Environment

The sales of e-commerce companies have plunged sharply after the March first week as the coronavirus outbreak changed consumer spending suddenly and drastically. This has put e-commerce stores are in a state of distress. But don’t stress yourself too much, the Paid Marketing Experts at ioVista has come with a list of solutions that you […]


How Your E-commerce Store Can Overcome COVID-19 Impact

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 Outbreak has changed the economy. Business owners are trying hard to figure out ways to mitigate risk, safeguard their employees and support customers during this difficult time. ioVista has been helping companies succeed online since 2004 in good times as well as bad we know that new situations […]


Social Distancing Due To COVID-19 Is Boosting E-commerce

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is making a huge impact, isolation and social distancing measures have already been put in place across the USA. This is all a new territory for the entire world being affected by the pandemic COVID -19. The pressure is on E-commerce with customers opting for online purchases as they avoid public places. […]


COVID -19: Impact On E-commerce

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is about to make a huge impact, isolation and social distancing measures have already been put in place across many countries including a few cities here in the USA. Many concerts are canceled, sporting events are being played without an audience, schools have been shut down;  This is all a new territory for […]


Why Magento 2 Is A Go-To Platform for E-commerce

Top Features That Make Magento 2 A Go-To Platform for E-commerce Every entrepreneur and business owner gets into e-commerce to grow. With growth comes change, and with change, there are new needs that can’t be addressed or handled by your existing infrastructure. Scaling up means you need to scale up your processes and platform to […]


Digital Payment Trends Your Customers Are Likely To Follow In 2020

Digital payments, particularly via digital wallets are becoming the new modern standard in payment systems. China in particular, has led the way in terms of living cashless with most urban regions normalizing not paying with physical cash or a plastic card. Taps or scans with a phone are becoming the everyday form of payment. America […]

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