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eCommerce integration with brick and mortar retail:

5 ways to merge your online store with your offline business As shopping trends have shifted rapidly over the last few years, many retailers find that they’ve been treating their online store and their brick and mortar store like two separate businesses. As each store grows in different ways, they often seem to grow separately, […]


Tips for eCommerce Social Media Marketing in 2015

Social media marketing is only expected to grow in 2015 yet many online retailers still aren’t sure what’s in it for them or how to use it effectively. If you’ve dabbled in social media in the past, or you haven’t paid much attention to your social channels lately, this article aims to show you some […]


Why you need a mobile-friendly site in 2015

More than 2/3 of Americans now have smartphones and they’re using them to buy online – and not just a little bit. Traffic from mobile devices was off the charts this past holiday season with big chain retailers reporting record numbers. During the 2014 holiday season: 70% of Walmart’s traffic came from mobile devices More […]


Reasons why you should migrate to the Magento Platform

Discover the biggest benefits of using the Magento platform for your eCommerce site If you have an eCommerce site or are planning on starting one, odds are you’ve heard of Magento, and with good reason. Magento is by far, the most popular eCommerce platform with more than 240,000 sites using it for their online stores. […]


Why should you upgrade your Magento platform to the newest version?

Three good reasons to upgrade your website’s Magento platform Your eCommerce platform is crucial to your website. It does almost all of the technical stuff that keeps your site churning for you as well as your customers. It manages your inventory, tracks your customers’ accounts, manages shopping carts, adjusts prices, manages content, places orders and […]


Six Ways to Get More Sales in January

After the holiday spending spree, even an average month can seem slow and most retailers have come to expect sales to take a dive in January. But this isn’t written in stone… While it can be a great month to catch up on the things you could never seem to get to during the holiday […]


Google is Introducing a New “Mobile Friendly” Label:

Why you need a responsive site now more than ever More and more shoppers are becoming comfortable with the idea of making purchases right from their phones or tablets. In fact, according to a recent study by The Integer Group… 35% of shoppers make purchases on their mobile devices. As a result, Google is going […]


Why should you redesign your website?

Sometimes, even small changes can make a HUGE impact on your bottom line. This article will cover some of the reasons you may want to consider making some changes. These are some of the questions to consider when you’re wondering if your site really needs some work or not. 1.Is your website really performing as well […]

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