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Magento 1 vs Magento 2 Performance Comparison

When’s the last time you waited more than two or three seconds for an e-commerce site to load? Current cart-to-conversion statistics reveal the sobering fact that for every second your page doesn’t load, you lose seven per cent of your conversions. In fact, subpar site performance correlates to the likelihood that 8 out of 10 […]


What Is Magento Killer? How To Safeguard Your Store From It

When it comes to online shopping, the most significant trust factor that users consider is Ecommerce platform’s security. It massively influences the users’ choice of an online store. Security is also the industry’s watchword for Ecommerce merchants and they develop their stores on platforms that offer security features as their primary USP. However, the latest […]


Mistakes Online Retailers Make And How Magento Can Help Avoid Them

The world of online retail has revolutionized the shopping industry. Almost everyone can buy just about anything they want, day or night, at the click of a button. Because of this ease and convenience, every retailer out there now has a digital front. With so many options for customers to choose from, retailers must craft […]


12 Ways to Make Your Magento Ecommerce Store More Secure

Magento Ecommerce Store More Secure

Approximately 240,000 e-commerce stores use Magento for their online operations. This accounts for almost up to 30% of all shops on the e-commerce platform market making it the world’s most famous e-commerce platform. It is common for hackers to attack the biggest and the best, and Magento is no exception here. To curb this issue, […]


Why Custom-Built Magento Solution Is The Most Preferred Choice Of Ecommerce Merchants

Launching an eCommerce store is a daunting task; many merchants end up getting disappointed as there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a slice of the pie! Your Ecommerce store must not only cater to the needs of your business but also the customers to get a favorable outcome. However, as the requirements of business differ […]


Adobe Releases Security Updates and Enhancements to Magento 2

Adobe recently released Magento Commerce and Open Source 2.3.2, 2.2.9, and 2.1.18 with 75 security enhancements to help close RCE (Remote Code Execution), XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) and other vulnerabilities. Merchants who have not upgrade to Magento 2 release yet must go straight to Magento Commerce or Open Source 2.3.2 as the Magento 2.1.18 release marks […]


Best Practices To Improve The Conversion Rate Of Your Magento Store

All Ecommerce stores face problems related to the behaviors and opinions of consumers, the competition, and the number of options that consumers have available, not only for where to shop but how to shop. Magento is one Ecommerce platform that makes it really easy to increase the conversion rates and achieve the set goals through […]


Magento Order Management System (OMS) – A Fine-Tuned Ecommerce Machine

Whether it’s an eCommerce business or a retailer who sell in a store, order management has a certain set of challenges. You must be able to deliver goods where and when your customers want them. To live up to this expectation of your customers, you must know where your inventory is and how to get […]


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