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Transforming Your Business thru Technology

A company must learn to adapt to changes not only in their industry but with technology too. The fast paced changes in technology force a company to look at how they do business and what they need to change to continue to be competitive. The addition of technology to your business’ practice is the digital […]


Google Chrome will soon show security warnings on non-HTTPS – how will it affect you?

Have you heard the recent news about Google Search Console that your website may have a possible security issue? If you are operating an e-commerce website or an informational website, it’s very important that you have an SSL for your site. According to recent news, starting October 2017, Google Chrome will show a “Not Secure” […]


How Effective Is E-Commerce With A Personalized Touch?

Considering the user experience one gets in Brick and Mortar Stores, E-Commerce stores have a lot to learn and implement. Keeping in mind the fact that your customer will definitely return if he is satisfied with the shopping experience apart from the product he has bought, there is surely something extra which you can grab […]


Mike Patel, President of ioVista attended the Internet Retailers Conference and Exhibition

Every year in June, eCommerce professionals from around the world meet in Chicago for the Internet Retailers Conference and Exhibition (IRCE). Mike Patel makes a point of attending this conference every year to meet with his partners, clients and other industry professionals to discuss the latest technology advancements and trends in eCommerce. He wanted to […]


Google says mobile-friendly sites will be favored in search rankings

Google just announced its next search algorithm change and they’ve come right out and said that they WILL start favouring mobile-friendly sites in their searches, beginning April 21st. Google announced on their official webmaster blog… “Starting on April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect […]


New leadership ushers in changes for Google+

It seems some changes are afoot at Google, specifically with its social network, Google+. On Sunday, Bradley Horowitz, a longtime executive at Google announced that he is taking over leadership of Google’s social products – but he didn’t say Google+. Instead, his announcement mentioned “Photos and Streams.” Then on Monday, in an interview with Forbes, […]


Key things to keep in mind with the Yahoo Small Business spin-off

As you’ve heard, Yahoo recently announced plans to spin its eCommerce platform, Yahoo Small Business, off into its own separate company called SpinCo, later this year. If your business currently runs on the Yahoo platform, you may have some concerns about what this change could mean for your business – and what you may need […]


Google is Introducing a New “Mobile Friendly” Label:

Why you need a responsive site now more than ever More and more shoppers are becoming comfortable with the idea of making purchases right from their phones or tablets. In fact, according to a recent study by The Integer Group… 35% of shoppers make purchases on their mobile devices. As a result, Google is going […]

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