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BigCommerce For WordPress Gets Major Update And Feature Enhancements

BigCommerce recently released the BigCommerce for WordPress 3.2.0 at 2019 WordCamp Europe. The update offers many significant features and enhancements to the BigCommerce for WordPress plugin, launched in December 2018. The new features also include the ability to create multi-region shopping experiences on multiple WordPress sites. BigCommerce for WordPress empowers merchants using WordPress for their […]


The Ease of Moving WordPress!

WordPress is running slow, you need to consider the option that it may be time to move to a new host servicer. But, moving digital information can be tricky! You understand that there are possible risks for data loss, downtime and even the loss of search engine keywords. But WordPress may not be as bad […]


Choose ioVista for Your WordPress Hosting Needs in Dallas, TX

When it comes to maintaining a web presence, every business needs to have a stable platform. Think about it: without a stable digital presence your business runs the risk of being out of touch when it becomes crucial: when potential customers are looking for someone to work with or when existing customers are ready to […]

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