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We believe that every eCommerce business is different with it’s own challenges. ioVista helps online merchants with custom development services that transform Magento as the best fit for their Ecommerce store.

Our Magento custom development service empowers your Magento store with state-of-the-art functionality to deliver better experiences to your customers and take your online business to the next level.

What we do

Developing an online store is a complex puzzle as sometimes many important parts get missing. It may hinder the ability of your online business to grow…

The team of Magento certified developers at ioVista can help you create the missing parts. We offer a wide spectrum of custom development services for Magento, including:

Third-party Systems Integration

  • ERP Integration

    It improves operational efficiency by aligning crucial Ecommerce information with your ERP. It helps to shift your focus on business-critical tasks in addition to saving costs.

  • CRM Integration

    It helps enhance customer engagement and satisfaction levels by delivering consistent buying experiences across all the channels for your digital store.

  • Inventory/Warehouse Management Systems Integration

    It enables you to control and administer warehouse operations including inventory management, dispatch processes, auditing and more.

Over our experience of Systems Integration, we have integrated with numerous third-parties including
  • Wordpress Integration

  • CIM

  • PayPal

  • Paytm

  • MailChimp

  • Google Shopping

  • Custom ERP System

  • eBridge Connections

  • Payment Integration

  • FedEx

Custom Extension Development

Create functional modules that integrate well into your existing framework. Custom extensions help you offer an enhanced experience to your customers along with these benefits:

  • Custom Solutions

    Creating advanced Magento solutions for all your Ecommerce business needs.

  • Customizing Extensions

    Our team can alter any extension developed according to your requirements.

  • Solving Compatibility Issues

    Resolving extension conflicts to ensure seamless integration of custom-built functionality.

Here are some of the Pre-built Extensions by ioVista
  • Automatic group change
  • Hide Price for Guest Customers
  • Automatic Sales representative assignment
  • Display payment method
  • Delivery Time on product page
  • Automatic Group Assignment
  • Manage Dealers
  • Order Attachments / Upload Tool
  • Dynamic Text
  • Dealer Transfer Request
  • Custom Email Triggers
  • Header/Footer on Checkout
  • Add Configurable Product
  • Account Manager
  • Custom FedEx
  • Order Export
  • Instagram Feed
  • Add bulk product into the wishlist from the cart page

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it requires a process.

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  • Build
  • Market
  • Engage
  • Grow
  • Repeat

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