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  • Why ERP Software?

    Why ERP Software?

    There are so many things to get done that multitasking is often necessary to maintain our busy lives. How many tasks can you juggle at once while remaining completely accurate and updated? Not very many, the more we try to do at the same time the more likely we are to make mistakes or miss something. So how can you tackle financial management, inventory management, HR updates, demand forecasts, supply chain management, and the countless other business processes that will help you to ensure your eCommerce success? You will need enterprise resource planning software or ERP.

  • Which ERP Software?

    Which ERP Software?

    With the advances and upgrades being made combined with the range of software available it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the choice. The functions that most benefit your business should be determined first, they will vary depending on the size and purpose of your company. Magento eCommerce platform is the most widely used and it is recommended that your ERP integrates with Magento. Without integration data must manually be transferred, having software that synchronizes data automatically is more accurate and allows you to focus on the bigger picture.

  • ERP Integration

    ERP Integration

    There are choices of how your ERP will integrate with Magento, the three methods are a point to point, multichannel, and custom integration. These are pretty straightforward, point to point means the ERP points to Magento where they exchange data. Low cost makes this a good choice for small companies that don't expect to grow much. For larger companies, this can get messy with the need to reintegrate often. The multichannel integration works well for mid to large size companies and is managed by a central hub located between the ERP and Magento. This is a good choice for companies planning to use multiple sales channels as well. Custom integration can be very costly but for companies with the resources available it pays off if there are specific or complex needs.

What Works?

So, which ERP software solution will fit your needs and allow your company the competitive edge that can help you succeed in the eCommerce market? The choice is yours, these are the best ERP software to integrate with Magento:

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